Glenn Blakeney

Long been considered one of Bermuda's most accomplished broadcast veterans, and has, in recent years, been PLP's Public Relations co-ordinator and party representative. Father of two daughters and three sons, Glenn Jnr who played for the club in 1995 setting a league highest score batting record of 212 not out against Blyth. Is well known for his devotion to cricket, and in fact was one day asked "If your wife and Kevin Petersien were trapped in a car teetering on the edge of a cliff, which one would you save?". His reply? "Are you kidding, my wife's not a very good bat".

Colin Humphreys

Has been a member since joining the club as a junior in 1963. Former classic right hand bat, Jonty Rhodes like cover fielder and fierce medium pace swing, seam and spin bowler. Early retirement due to dodgy knees through being an exceptionally talented midfield general. Is currently confined to spending most of his management skills in fund raising, bar duties, newsletters and designing websites. Offers of very well paid part time employment would be gratefully considered.

Nigel Butterworth

Nigel sadly passed away on 9th September 2007 after battling cancer, he remains a member forever

Middle order bat, self confessed leg spin bowler, and part time wicketkeeper. Was our most flamboyant and irritating Man United fan, and he never let you forget it. A Mr Chips type schoolteacher and never say no night clubber. Had to start wearing glasses after always walking around with his hands in his pockets, and he agreed to wave anaesthetic when he got the leather patches removed from his shirt sleeves

Ken Sinton

Better known as PC Plod, basically because he was always been to slow to catch any thieves. He joined the club in 1963 as an old man and has stayed that way ever since. Made treasurer some years ago because of his close association with Ronnie Biggs. Has taken early retirement so he can concentrate on bullying the volunteer ground staff. Has also recently taken up golf because he scores over 100 every time. Somebody should tell him that his swing would improve if he took his pads off.

David Cook

Rightly considered the saviour of Benwell CC. It was his resolve and foresight not to allow the club to fold in 1997 that led to our relocation to Walbottle Campus, and was instrumental in achieving the Sports Lottery Award to build our new clubhouse. 2nd and 3rd XI batsmen and off spin bowler. He is now forging a new career as a writer by having his history of the club "The Many Pavilions" published. Now considered a best seller, he has 100,000 copies available in a spare bedroom

Brian Cowey

Ex Northumberland Minor County opening batsman and life member. A retired plant hire manager he is now using his skills on the field, undertaking voluntary grass cutting, and flower arranging duties. Known throughout the club for his love of "Bitches", the four legged kind, and his legendary binge drinking, which sometimes extends to two shandies.

Jim Gibb

Long seeving 1st XI scorer, nicknamed locally as Benwell's Bill Frindle and club record keeper. Is a master of the batsmen's wagon wheel, carrying out running repairs to our isolated score box and keeping his pencil sharpened. Jim did try his hand at playing cricket in his youth, but during practice was so shocked and abused at bowling the legendary Alan Brown (even though he was in the other net) and immediately decided to retire from playing while at the top.

Peter W R Lough

Life Member and ex-player who was a well regarded off spin bowler and middle rode batsman in his day. Has, and remains, and exceptional servant to the club and Northumberland County Cricket since joining in the 1940's. Has adopted the role of clubs overseas scout due to his many pleasure seeking trips abroad, but someone should tell him that Majorca, Ibiza and Benidorm have never produced and fast bowlers, or hard hitting opening batsmen

Alan Angus

Ex middle order batsmen who's 6, dot, 4, dot, 6, dot, 4, dot, out style of batting had the opposition in all sorts of trouble in his youth. A tremendous fielder with a fantastic throw, he has now picked up the role of security guarding the teas, and depleting the bar stocks on match days. Father of Graeme and grandfather of Richard Waddell, the committee are asking him to take time out and continue with the production of young Angus boys to secure the future of the club. Unfortunately his wife Lesley was unavailable for comment.